About – Paschal Preston

Academic , researcher, author and aspiring ‘citizen of the world’

My first jobs were in the journalism and NGOs sectors, but after completing third level studies I switched to academic researcher, lecturer, and professor roles. I am now engaged as commentator, researcher and author with focus on : the principal ‘cascading crises’ (Biden, 2021) of the contemporary era ; the (authoritarian) structures of feeling and informal cultures of the zeitgeist ; the evolution, contradictions and tendencies of the mediated communication sector, especially news media and journalism. .

Also still committed to the project/role of a lively, sentient, if situated, researcher, author, commentator and an aspiring ‘citizen of the world’ — especially one attuned towards the necessity and benefits of extending economic and social democracy in opposition to the onward march of material inequalities, neo-feudal authoritarianism, despotic power and oligarchic rule.